Earning money from internet

The subject line is somewhat doubtful, but it’s really unbelievable it’s true that some of us have really made a good handsome money from the internet. Well let’s take some examples we have seen numerous online websites who are selling products and making money from this but there is a much easy way to make money.

Have you ever heard anything called Bitcoin?
If not then please google it lots of stuff are there, anyway you might be thinking why I am talking about it, Well friends due to its market value is more than ₹60000/- and more interestingly Bitcoins are available for free of cost you just need to collect it from the internet so simple, before telling you about how to get this from where let me give you a simple statistical details about Bitcoin

1Sat : 0.00000001BTC
10Sat : 0.0000001BTC
100Sat : 0.000001BTC
1000Sat : 0.00001BTC
10000Sat : 0.0001BTC
100000Sat : 0.001BTC
1000000Sat : 0.01BTC
10000000Sat : 0.1BTC
100000000Sat : 1BTC
Note:- BTC stands for Bitcoin and Sat stands for Satoshi.

So it very clear in the present time if you go for BTC you are not going to get 1 BTC for free well there was a time when 1 BTC was of ₹6/- but today everything has changed. So what we can get for free is Satoshi and earning it is just fun well before that let’s see a simple calculation which will make the thing more clear.

Now suppose you want to make 0.1 BTC in a month but for that, you need to make 10000000 Satoshi. It looks like an impossible short of work, Let’s look at this very same problem with different perspective.
Let’s suppose you are working with the different faucet from where you can get Satoshi for free well they have referral programs too from where you can add up few more Satoshi in your account. On an average, each faucet pays you approx 100 Satoshi for free just for visiting their website and doing some captcha work.
So now if you work at one faucet and it pays you 100 Satoshi and
If you work on 15 different faucet site then your earning will be (100×15)Satoshi=1500 Satoshi in one time.
And what about if you work 24 times a day on this faucet site you’ll be making (1500×24) Satoshi = 36000 Satoshi in a day.
What about for 30Days it’ll be (36000×30) Satoshi =1080000 Satoshi in a month for free.
So you might be thinking I was supposed to make 10000000 Satoshi but we are ending with 1080000 Satoshi. So for this part, we have to take help from somebody, so who will be going to help us well for this our referral will be going to help us, let see how.
Suppose if you have one referral who is too earning 1080000 Satoshi each month but what would be our earning from his earning let’s take on average 30% as commission,
So our commission earning will be 30% of 1080000 Satoshi = 324000 Satoshi
So if you have 30 such active referral than your earning would be (30 x 324000) Satoshi = 9720000 Satoshi.
Now our total earning will be = Our earning + Referral earning
=(9720000+1080000) Satosi= 10800000 Satoshi

So we took a target of 10000000 Satoshi but we are earning 10800000 Satoshi, But in the end what we find it very surprising that we have 800000 Satoshi extra in our wallet.

So if you think to earn in your free hours then you simply get an online BTC wallet for this, you can use this for storing your earned Satoshi or BTC, as well as you can sell those BTC from there and get the money transferred to your bank account.

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